7/29/2020-DK Lineup


Highlights and Notes

Paddack – Great performance so far this season we look for this to continue against the weak SF rotation.

deGrom – Not much to say about deGrom other than he is a machine. Spend the extra money and throw him in your lineup. You can save elsewhere and get your money’s worth with deGrom who is playing against the Red Sox’s who currently can’t hit water if they fell out of a boat.

Stassi – Spending so much on deGrom you have to say somewhere. Stassi is a great value pick here.


Hosmer – Regardless of an illness earlier this week this guys bat has been red hot and worthy of any lineup.

Lowe – Multiple hits in every game so far. Here’s to hoping this streak continues today.

Moran – This Pirate is firmly secured in the lineup for Pittsburgh and has been hitting everything he gets near.


Tatis Jr – Securing a hit in each of his starts Tatis Jr. is looking to become a shining start of the Padres and hopefully his lucky will continue vs. SF today for our lineup.

Cruz – This DH, while 40 years old still hits like he’s in his 20s and that’s what you need to capture fantasy victory.

Brantley – Hitting with a .421 BA its still early in the season but a hot bat is a hot bat and for only $3,000 he’s a great pickup.

Pillar – If your willing to put a Red Sox in your lineup today against deGrom, Pillar is your guy. While he has faced some light pitching competition thus far based on how pitchers have been going lately don’t be shocked if he only sees deGrom once allowing for more opportunity for one of the few Red Sox’s who have actually figured out how to hit the ball this year.