8/19/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Urias – Of all the top pitchers we like Urias today. This matchup against a subpar Mariners batting lineup.

Mize – Were taking a chance here on a super cheap Mize today. In order to accommodate we had to go with a value pitch and Mize has a decent matchup today.

d’Arnaud – He performed very well yesterday and we look for him to continue his progress while he is still cheap. If he keeps performing as well as he has he wont be cheap for long.


Adams – We really like the Braves matchup today and have taken several high power Braves in this lineup.

Hampson – The Rockies are back and home and that means its time for a nice cold Coors Field Special!

Carmago – Our second of several Braves today as we think they will have a power performance today.


Duvall – Duvall is one of the best Braves in today’s lineup hopefully he gets one over the left field wall.

Story – We love Story. The guy is a machine and hits everything in sight.

Kepler – Kepler should have a good performance today against the Brewers and were paying up $4,400 to do so.

Ozuna– Another Brave what can we say.


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