8/18/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Carrasco – We anticipate a ton of roster utilization with Darvish today. So we are playing a little contrarian today and going with Carrasco who has had a several very good performances so far this season.

Peterson – This is a true value pickup in the pitching slot today with a nice matchup against Miami.

d’Arnaud – Another decent value grab here as he has been very consistent so far this season.


Alonso – He had a monster game yesterday and his last 10 hes averaged 10 DFS per game.

Gosselin – We like this matchup play against a weak Boston rotation.

Davis – Davis has been pretty decent but we think this pitching matchup bodes well for him today.


Gregorius – Another addition from this Phillies v. Boston matchup Gregorius has been on fire.

Pillar – We wanted to get another strong bat in the Phillies v. Boston matchup and wanted a Red Sox and Pillar is one of the best bats in the lineup today.

Markakis – We really wanted to put a couple Reds in our lineup today but with the likely hood the game will be postponed with went with a low downside high upside in Markakis.

Smith– Adding a bat to match Alonso we went with Smith how like Alonso should have a great matchup against Miami.


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