8/17/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Davies – We really like Davies matchup today against the Rangers and he should have a great outing.

Montgomery – The Yankees have been killing the BoSox and we except that performance to continue again today.

Stassi – SF Pitching blows and we have used Stassi before and he has done really well. History should repeat itself today.


Voit – We like this matchup for the Yankees today and wanted a couple bats to round off our lineup so we picked up Voit has he has been very impressive so far against Boston.

Estrada – Estrada has also been very impressive against Boston and we anticipate another good performance.

Chapman – Today’s stack features all of the heavy hitters out of Oakland. The A’s have been absolutely on fire as of recently from the plate so were loading up with a full 5 player stack.


Semien – A’s 2/5

Canha – A’s 3/5

Piscotty – A’s 4/5

Grossman– A’s 5/5


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