This Week in Baseball – Week 34

August 16th

In 1984, Pete Rose is reunited with the Cincinnati Reds when the Expos trade him for infielder Tom Lawless. The Reds then name him player-manager, replacing Vern Rapp. Watch his press conference accepting the position as Player/Manager.


August 17th

Back in 1973, Willie Mays hit his 660th homerun the last of his career of his major league career against Cincinnati.


August 18th

In 1995, Cardinals reliever Tom Henke earns his 300th career save in a 4-3 win over the Braves. Also, how awesome are those glasses.


August 19th

In 1957, New York Baseball Giants owner Horace Stoneham announced that the team’s board of directors had voted 9-1 in favor of moving to San Francisco.


August 20th

In 1998, Mark McGwire becomes the first player in major league history to hit 50 home runs in three consecutive years. Thanks Steroids!


August 21st

In 1975, Pitching brothers Rick Reuschel and Paul Reuschel combine pitch a 7-0 Cubs victory over the Dodgers. This is the first time two brothers completed a shutout game.


August 22nd

In 1989, Nolan Ryan strikes out Rickey Henderson became the first pitcher in major league history to strike out 5,000 batters


We would like to thank for providing the historical information provided on this post.

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