8/16/2020-DK Lineup

dk lineup

Highlights and Notes

Scherzer – Best pitcher on the board and he should have a great day against the O’s.

McCullers Jr. – This will be our second day in a row taking an Astros pitcher. McCullers has really performed well over the last several starts and we like this matchup against the Mariners.

Maldonado – We love stacking it gives the greatest opportunity in our opinion for DFS points especially in good match ups. Maldonado should have a great outing today.


Smith – Smith has been putting up double digit numbers the last 4 games here’s to number #5

Kipnis – We needed some cap room and at a cheap $2,700 Kipnis should do nicely.

Ruiz – Ruiz is one of the best bats in Baltimore and if anyone has a chance to hit off of Scherzer its Ruiz.


Correa – Correa has been doing pretty good recently and we like this Mariners matchup again today against this weak bullpen.

Taylor – We wanted to add some additional National’s bats to match Scherzer and Taylor is has been a great bat for Washington.

Moore – This is a hedge bet against McCullers Jr. as we believe if anyone is going to have a good day against him its Moore.

Soto– This guy has been absolutely a points machine and putting up massive numbers and he should again today against this weak O’s bullpen.


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