8/15/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Corbin – With a monster matchup against the Orioles he should do extremely well here today. He’s also the most expensive pitcher on the board for a reason.

Javier – Pitching against the Mariners at home today he should have a better outing than his last appearance and were saving some money to allow for better hitters on our roster.

Maldonado – We love stacking it gives the greatest opportunity in our opinion for DFS points especially in good match ups and Houston against this left handed pitcher in Margevicius allows us just what with the runs line for the Astros set at 6 we should see hot bats today.


Gurriel – 2-5 in our Astros stack today.

Chavis – We do like this spot today for Chavis against the Yankees and he’s dirty cheap at $2,600

Machado – We are Manny fans all the way, always have been. We are hopeful for a great performance out of him today.


Correa – Astros 3-5

Tucker – Astros 4-5.

Reddick – Astros 5-5

Soto– This guy has been absolutely a points machine and putting up massive numbers and he should again today against this weak O’s bullpen.


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