8/13/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Darvish – Best pitcher on the board and for good reason. Darvish has been fantastic. He is a must add considering the short slate of games today.

DeSclafani – DeSclafani has been really good for the Reds so far and we like this as a great value pick today as it allows for lots of options today.

Severino – IMO the best bat in Baltimore. We like Severino a lot and for good reason he has been a monster at the plate.


Votto – This has been a great comeback year so far for Votto and we love this matchup today against the rival Pirates who’s pitching staff…well….sucks. We have loaded a full slate of Reds today with the belief they will put on a hitting spree today. Red 1-5

Lowe – Adding just a little variety to our roster today Lowe has preformed very well and should have another great session today against the Bo-Sox.

Suarez – Reds 2-5. Were loading up the top of the lineup.


Urias – Our last non-Red of the slate Urias is dirty cheap and a decent pickup offering a least a midrange potential.

Castallenos -Reds 3-5. Were taking all the power we can muster from Cinci today.

Winker – Reds 4-5. Reds Boom or Bust today!

Senzel– Reds 5-5 Reds Boom or Bust today!


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