8/11/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Bundy – With Scherzer being this highest pitcher we anticipate he will have lots of lineup utilization. We really like Bundy today against the A’s

Wheeler – Against a weak Orioles team Wheeler should have a fantastic day. However don’t get your hopes up for another complete game as they will probably want to save his arm.

Kratz – He has a solid first start of the season and we expect him again with such a cheap price point utilize this while he will still be on the roster until injuries clean up for the Yankees.


Cronenworth – He’s good and cheap. We need both for this heavy Coors stack today.

Kipnis – We see this as a bounce back opportunity for Kipnis after his excellent start to the season.

Young – Here is more of ‘Good and Cheap’ our lineup as our lineup is about to get expensive.


Story – Coors, Coors, and more Coors. Plus Story is impressive. Very impressive.

Blackmon – More Coors! He’s been an animal at the plate in DFS land.

Jones – He’s been performing very well getting double digit points in 3/4 starts.

Grossman – His last 3 games have been awesome were hoping he makes it 4/4.


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