8/10/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Gibson – We like Gibson a lot, hes a great pitcher and this is a great match up against the Mariners.

McCullers Jr. – While McCullers hasn’t performed that spectacularly the bats are weak in San Fran. and for $8,200 we see this as a bounce back opportunity and a way to save some money and pick up some big names in the batting lineup.

Hedges – Hedges hasn’t hit a thing all year. At $2,500 we needed something as we spent our money elsewhere. We are praying for at least something out of this guy. Getting on base at least gets us 2 points.


Kendrick – We like this high scoring potential out of this matchup today vs. the Mets and were loading up. He is the first of 3 Nat’s in our lineup day.

Castro – #2 in our Nat’s stack Castro has been performing very well and against Matz one of the weakest in the rotation this is a great chance to rack up some major DFS points if the bats are hot.

Machado – What can we say, we are fans of Manny. While the matchup is against May today we think he will perform strong.


Story – We have to have taste of Coors field and Story is killing it.

Yelich – Yelich is another monster that we love regardless of the expensive price.

Soto – Soto rounds out our Nat’s 3 pack. He’s been hot and we think he will have a good performance today.

Pillar – We were out of cash and needed a decent bat to close out this lineup. Pillar has been decent for Boston and we think that this will continue, some DFS points is better than no points.


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