8/9/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

DeGrom – It doesn’t matter DeGrom is the most expensive guy on the board. We will always start DeGrom. End. Of. Story.

Gray– Reds pitching has been doing excellent in a rebound against the Brewers and we look for that to continue with a good performance today out of Gray.

Stassi– Stassi has been a little up and down in fantasy land. But we do think he should bounce back in this third game against the Rangers.


Votto – Votto has been crushing it and we love the Reds against today so were loading up.

Schoop – He has had a great series against the Pirates and we look for his performance to continue to close out the weekend.

Candelario– Candelario has been outstanding against the Pirates with the stack with Schoop we hope to see good numbers out of at least one of them.


Bogaerts – He has been very consistent putting up double digit games in 4/5 starts.

Gosselin– He has pulled in 9 DFS the last two starts against the Yankees if he can get at least 5 today he’s worth the super super cheap $2,700.

Castellanos – He has had a great turn around against the Brewers and we anticipate his luck to continue and have another strong performance.

Gamel – We are taking a chance that Gamel will pop today.


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