8/8/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Kershaw – We absolutely love Kershaw against the Giants today. He should have a strikeout show today. Pay up and get the best guy on the board.

DeSclafani– Reds pitching has been doing excellent in a rebound against the Brewers and we look for that to continue with a good performance today out of DeSclafani.

Cervelli – He’s been on a bit of a hot streak the last too games, were hoping to ride the momentum on a beautiful Saturday for baseball.


Nola – He has been performing extremely well over the last 3 games and well above his DFS price tag. Even if we performs at half of what he has been its well worth the cheap price tag.

Hampson – We really like the matchup today against the Mariners and thing Hampson may be a diamond in the rough.

Rios– Rios should have a good outing today against the Giants lackluster pitching plus he was cheap and we needed the cap room.


Bogaerts – He has been very consistent putting up double digit games in 3/4 starts.

Yelich– We’ve added Yelich as a bit of a hedge incase the Red’s pitching goes south. Which it has beyond their starting pitching rotation.

Castellanos – He has had a great turn around against the Brewers and we anticipate his luck to continue and have another strong performance.

Lewis – Lewis has been consistent and solid since baseball started back up and we think he should have a solid outing today. Hitting at .375 so far he’s a solid addition to any roster.


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