8/7/2020-DK Lineup

DF Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Bauer – The Brewers offense has been very shaky over the last few games. We are hoping this will play into our Bauer selection today who’s numbers are incredible. Even if a little regression happens he will be well worth the price. He will likely also be very heavily owned.

Urias– 3rd best pitcher on the board per DK and we like this matchup vs. SF.

Smith – We went pretty cheap across the entire infield due to how much we spent on pitching at $3,800 Smith has produced decent numbers for his price.


Gonzales – Gonzales has been all over the place and very inconsistent when at bat, we are hoping he has a little change of luck.

Arraez – Not much to work with at this price point so Arraez it is.

Segura– After a day off and no longer playing the Yankees we like his matchup today and one of the only decent options under $3,500


Adrianza – We wont lie, we went dumpster diving our budget was spent so he’s the only guy under $3,000 we could A) Actually afford. B) has any shot at DFS points today.

Harper – We saved our money for our outfield to compensate for the week infield. We believe Harper will have a monster game today.

Castellanos – After a terrible outing in the Ohio Cup yesterday getting absolutely smashed by the Indians, this is a rebound opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

Bruce – Jay hasn’t been impressive. At all. Were taking a gamble with this is selection. Here’s hoping for a little DFS miracle.


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