8/6/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Carrasco – With a massive upside from a strikeout perspective this is a great opportunity with the top pitcher on the board today.

Castillo– We have been salivating over this matchup between Carrasaco and Castillo at it should be an awesome day in Cleveland for those of us that love pitching.

Knapp – Were not going to lie we spent all our money and this was the only guy of any value we could find for $2,300.


Votto – We have a CINvCLE stack today and we are hedging our options. Once we get past starting rotation both teams are pretty weak.

LaMahieu – We want the best bat for the Yankees lineup and couldn’t get Judge. This is the next best choice.

Moncada– While his past couple games he hasn’t had super performances only producing 3 DFS points. However we’re banking on getting a huge performance after a couple down games.


Iglesias – After coming back from injury he’s been able to get on base. We’re hoping he can turn up his performance now that he is coming back into form.

Robert – He’s one of the best bats for the White Sox. He has had some great games and were hoping that we can lead into that and get some decent numbers out of him today.

Castellanos – In our opinion he is the saving grace of Cinci with this bat being red hot and getting the Reds out of several pickles this season.

Gamel – We really like this matchup against this weak White Sox pitching staff. We hope this is a great opportunity in DFS land.


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