8/3/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Today we are going with a Stars and Scrubs lineup in hoping of hitting it big.

deGrom – No question this guy should be in your lineup. He will probably be on most lineups today but you don’t want to be one of the lineups that doesn’t have in him.

Cole – I personally think the Phillies are down this year and will stay down. The Yankees should take care of business against the Phillies today and Cole will be the man to do it.

Tromp – The first of our srubs part of this lineup, however he’s been very impressive in his last two starts with over 12 DFS point starts. I’ll take 12 points any day from a $3,600 starter.


Cronenworth – At $2,500 it doesn’t get much cheaper than this guy. A streak of illness has this guy in the lineup here is to hoping he can squeak out at least 5 points today.

Kipnis – He’s been very impressive so far and he’s so cheap at $3,000. He’s cheap and consistent and with a starts/scrubs lineup today he’s big value.

Gosselin – After a massive 35 point start he came back down to reality with 7. Let’s hope he stays are reality at a minimum and brings home another 7.


Tatis Jr.– Mr. consistent so far this season. Not a bad problem to have in a Star/Scrub lineup. One of the stars for us he should have another 14-16 point day.

Judge – 5/5 in HR so far this season the last star in this lineup. Our bet is that he stays hot and goes 6/6.

Moore – This guy has been all over the place so far this season. Boom or bust with this guy and that’s about all you get at $2,900

Haseley – Going 4-6 his last start he had a monster boom game. While we don’t expect the same performance even going 1-3 or 2-4 will get you 7-9 DFS points. Plus that’s about all we can ask for at $2,900.


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