8/2/2020-DK Lineup

DK Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Civale – With no workload limitations Civale has the ability to play for a long stretch today allowing for more opportunity for him to get more strikeouts and load up on the DK point total.

Chirinos – Can’t not love a pitching matchup against the O’s.

Severino – The Orioles need someone with a bat in the lineup or it will be a very very long day against the Ray’s and Severino is it.


Moran – One of the best bats in Pittsburgh. This Pirate has been fantastic fantasy wise especially for how much he costs. $3,000 gives you a lot of ability to make moves in other positions. Were not taking this guy out of our lineup until he proves us otherwise.

Kipnis – He’s been very impressive so far and he’s so cheap at $3,100. This gives you lots of roster opportunity.

Ruiz – A consistent bat for the O’s and a good value for your lineup.


T. Story– We can’t have a lineup without some Rockies at Coors. Story should continue to be magical today.

Grisham – Grisham has been a homer machine and has been hot recently. Here’s hoping to riding the train.

Jimenez – The batting gods are finally blessing Jimenez. Let’s hope his $3,700 price tag bodes well to this lineup.

Robert – This guy has just been amazing so far this season. We’re riding the DFS wave.


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