8/1/2020-DK Lineup


Highlights and Notes

Carrasco – The same goes for both Carrasco and Maeda we like both of these guys in their pitching duel today and were taking both. We expect this to be a low scoring affair between the Indians the the Twins so this bodes well for lots of strike outs.

Maeda – See above.

T. d’Arnaud – What’s not to love about this guy. His bat has been a joy to watch and has been absolutely crushing it from a fantasy perspective. Paying up a little at $4,100 but we don’t anticipate him staying this cheap for long.


Moran – One of the best bats in Pittsburgh. This Pirate has been fantastic fantasy wise especially for how much he costs. $3,100 gives you a lot of ability to make moves in other positions. Were not taking this guy out of our lineup until he proves us otherwise.

Peraza – While he hasn’t been great the Red Sox’s have moved him into leadoff. Let’s hoping this encourages him to get on base. Plus…he’s cheap and with this roster construction we need little cheap.

Machado – Manny gets on base. When you get on base you get fantasy points. It’s that simple.


Tatis Jr – 4 for 4 this kid has been in our lineup. Why change now.

Judge – All rise for the Judge. Aaron has been a beast, just like yesterday preventing a Red Sox run in and then a Homer to center. DFS points be damned.

Goodwin – Due to the expensive roster we need good and cheap. Goodwin is Good and Cheap.

Brantley – Love this kids bat and his price tag.


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