7/31/2020-DK Lineup

Draft Kings Lineup

Highlights and Notes

Happy Coors Day! That’s right the first Coors game of the year. With that, comes a heavy stack of Padres and Rockies.

Montgomery – Making his season debut after the mess with COVID-19 in Miami. Montgomery is hoping to get off too a good start against the Red Sox. We see this as a great opportunity to with under utilization in lineups creating value to separate you from the pack.

Castillo – We like Castillo a lot and this is a great matchup against what will be one of the worst teams in baseball this year the lowly Tigers.

Vazquez – He has had an impressive start so far this season and we look for that ton continue against the Yankees today. Vazquez has been one of the few shining lights in Boston.


Myers – Becoming a Bet-MLB favorite we are keeping him in our lineup for the same reasons we did yesterday. The guy gets on base and then steals a few extra.

Moran – One of the best bats in Pittsburgh. This Pirate has been fantastic fantasy wise especially for how much he costs. $3,100 gives you a lot of ability to make moves in other positions.

LeMahieu – He has been extremely impressive so far and like Myers were keeping him in the roster until things change.


Tatis Jr – 3 for 3 back to back games. Tatis Jr. has been a machine.

Brantley – How this kid is so cheap is beyond me. $2,800 makes him such an easy decision to add to your lineup.

Dahl – He’s part of our Coor’s stack for opening day in Colorado. He should have a great game today back at home.

Castellanos – With a .381 BA he is been fantastic for a Reds team who has real potential to make the playoffs this year.


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