7/30/2020-DK Lineup


Highlights and Notes

Lament – Has held his own so far and with an awful SF offense so far this season hopefully he can go deep and get an extra couple innings to rack up some extra fantasy points.

Bundy – Bundy has been very impressive thus far and I look for his performance to continue. 8 strike outs thus far, more DFS points should be in his future.

Garver – He is out to a great start. Keep and eye on your roster incase the team elects not to start him. You have room in your cap to make adjustments if this turns out to be the case.


Myers – This guy is a base stealing machine. Sneaky fantasy points allow for him to exceed is baseline performance.

Peraza – This is a swing for the fences here’s hoping it pays off.

LeMahieu – This bat is just hot. Let’s hope it stays that way.


Tatis Jr – This kid has been hot, red hot and this should continue to bring home the DFS bacon.

Stanton – The Yankees absolutely crushed yesterday for DFS players. This magic should continue against the Orioles and a very stable option for your lineup.

Soler – While his BA is pretty low at .198 and going 2-13 so far, Detroit is awful and should allow the opportunity to have Soler get his bat on the ball. Plus he’s pretty cheap at $3,600.

Pillar – has had an impressive last couple games even against stiff competition of the Mets rotation. He should continue to perform and put up decent fantasy numbers.


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